MSK solution division is a leading supplier of complete cabins and plastic components for offroad machines and other industries.


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We have a solution for you Even after almost 70 years of operation the MSK family corporation has managed to maintain the desire to develop its business, the courage to evolve and the ability to stay close to the customer. The corporation employs over 800 professionals and is formed of the parent company MSK Group and its six subsidiaries whose HR, communication and financial services are operated by the parent company.

The subsidiaries are all experts in their own field. The group as a whole forms a diversified, powerful and stable manufacturing corporation, valuing the success of its customers and the constant development of skills, efficiency, quality and flexibility.


At the MSK Group we aim, look and strive forward. The multidisciplinary and international family corporation employs over 800 professionals from several fields of expertise. The mother company together with its six subsidiaries offers a wide range of different kinds of positions.

Careers at the MSK Group are typically long because motivated employees are taken care of. It’s easy to enjoy working here because the family corporation listens and respects its employees. Career possibilities are endless as changing positions between the subsidiaries is always an option.

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